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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-09Fabrication of hybrid nanostructured materials and porous carbon for energy storage and gas adsorption applicationsPanda, Prajnashree; Barman, Sudip
2024-01Understanding the interactions of luminescent coinage metal nanoclusters with target analytes using various spectroscopic and microscopic techniquesAkhuli, Amit; Sarkar, Moloy
2024-01Understanding the intermolecular interaction and structural organization in some imidazolium and pyrrolidinium-based ionic liquids : implications in biological and electrochemical applicationsMahapatra, Amita; Sarkar, Moloy
2023-12Design, modification, and diverse applications of tetrapyrrolic macrocycles : exploring both free-base and metallated variationsPain, Tanmoy; Kar, Sanjib
2024-02Carbon supported nanomaterials for electrochemical energy applicationsPanigrahy, Sonali; Barman, Sudip
2023-05Studies on the structural organizations and dynamics of some deep eutectic solvents and room temperature ionic liquids in the absence and presence of electrolyte and biomolecule by various spectroscopic methods.Barik, Sahadev; Sarkar, Moloy
2023-07Investigating the aggregation of neurodegenerative proteins using molecular dynamics simulations: implications for tau pathogenesisChowdhury, Unmesh Dutta; B.L., Bhargava
2023-05Synthesis and characterization of copper complexes with tridentate NNO and NNS ligands and their catalytic applications in oxidation and cycloaddition reactionsSethi, Subrat; Bagh, Bidraha
2023-12Thioketone and pyrazole based luminescent boron compounds: synthesis,characterization and photophysical properties of poly(indazaboles)A C, Murali; Krishnan, V.
2023-07Storage, stability, and activity of ctDNA, tRNA, hemoglobin and cytochrome c in choline-based ionic liquidsTulsiyan, Kiran devi; Biswal, Himansu Sekhar
2023-06Synthesis and conformational analyses of unnatural amino acids and their hybrid peptidesGupta, Manish Kumar; Sharma, Nagendra K.
2023-07MOF-derived metal chalcogenide nanostructured materials as electrocatalysts for water splitting in electrochemical energy conversionSahu, Nachiketa; Behera, Jogendra Nath
2023-05Development of low-valent manganese complexes for the catalytic applications in hydrosilylation reactionsBehera, Rakesh Ranjan; Bagh, Bidraha
2023-08Machine learning representation of potential energy surfaces and energy transfer in gas-surface scatteringBiswas, Rupayan; Lourderaj, U
2023-05Development of ruthenium and iron complexes for catalytic applications in sustainable oxidations and reductionsGhosh, Rahul; Bagh, Bidraha
2023-05Synthesis and functionalization of N-Heterocycles via bismuth catalyzed SEAr reaction and nickel catalyzed C-H/C-N bond activationPrusty, Namrata; Ravikumar, Ponneri C.
2023-02Catalysis based on cobalt pincer complexesPattanaik, Sandip; Gunanathan, Chidambaram
2023-08Metal phosphate and oxide based electroactive material for energy conversion and storage applicationPadhy, Abhisek; Behera, Jogendra Nath
2023-08Molecular zinc(i) dimers, zinc(ii) hydrides, and cations: synthesis and catalytic applications with mechanistic insightsSahoo, Rajata Kumar; Nembenna, Sharanappa
2023-01Tetra-coordinated boron functionalized phenanthroimidazole and pyrazole based fluorophores: synthesis, characterization, photocatalytic and sensing applicationsNayak, Prakash; Krishnan, Venkatasubbaiah
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 84