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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-06-20Analysis of morphological and physiological manifestations of Olmsted Syndrome at a cellular level, & an in-silico study of the TRPV3 ion channelsJain, Anushka; Goswami, Chandan
2022-07-11Characterization of TRPV4-mediated channelopathies and effect of TRPV4 in mitochondrial function and regulationDas, Rashmita; Goswami, Chandan
2023-07Correlation of free energy of amino acids with thermo-gated TRP channelsDalai, Ritesh; Goswami, Chandan
2021-03-16Crosstalk between cytoskeleton and membrane components with thermosensitive ion channels in the context of diverse physiological functionsSaha, Somdatta; Goswami, Chandan
2022-12Elucidating the involvement of thermosensitive ion channels (TRPV4 and TRPM8) in mitochondrial structure-function relationship: significance in physiology and diseasesGoswami, Chandan; Acharya, Tusar Kanta
2023-07Evolution of TRPM2 channel throughout the vertebratesHaldua, Harshit; Goswami, Chandan
2023-07Exploring osmoregulation and heavy-metal toxicity: study of AQP4 and TRPV4Soni, Shreya; Goswami, Chandan
2018-05-30Identification and functional characterization of thermosensitive ion channels (TRPV1 & TRPM8) in neuronal and non-neuronal cellsMajhi, Rakesh Kumar; Goswami, Chandan
2017-07-07Importance of trpv4 channel in the mitochondrial structure-function relationship:implication in pain and other pathophysiologyKumar, Ashutosh; Goswami, Chandan
2023-07Involvement of hot-sensitive ion channel (TRPV4) in adipogenesis: potential treatment for weight gainKumar, Shamit; Goswami, Chandan
2023-07Role of thermosensitive ion channel (TRPV3) in heat-shock (42°C) -induced murine macrophage functionsRokade, Tejas Pravin; Goswami, Chandan