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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-06-20Effect of gut microbial dysbiosis on behavior and brain function of MicePattnaik, Tanya; Aich, Palok
2022-04-10Effects of perturbation of gut microbiota on host physiology: In C57BL/6 and BALB/c mice modelsRay, Pratikshya; Aich, Palok
2016-07-13Effects of psychological stress on physiological homeostasis and disease susceptibilityPriyadarshini, Sushri; Aich, Palok
2023-07Exploring the molecular pathways underlying L-Rhamnose induced browning of white adipose tissueDwivedi, Isha; Aich, Palok
2023-11Gut microbial regulation of intestinal epithelial development in mice and organoid models : a postnatal temporal studyPandey, Uday; Aich, Palok
2023-12Impact of altered light-dark cycle on gut microbiota in mouse modelSingh, Dhyanendra; Aich, Palok
2022-07-11The impact of starch-and fat-rich diets on intestinal microbiota, metabolism and immunity in differentially immune-biased C57BL/6 and BALB/c miceMukherjee, Raktim; Aich, Palok
2017-03-10Peptides and probiotics as alternative to antibiotics: report from in-vitro and in vivo-studiesPradhan, Biswaranjan; Aich, Palok
2023-07Role of direct and indirect perturbing agents on GUT microbiota in Th1 And Th2 biased miceSaha, Debopriya; Aich, Palok
2022-06-20Role of gut microbiota in adipogenesis and browning of white adipose tissueBehera, Biplab; Aich, Palok
2023-04Role of intestinal microbiota on exogenously induced colitis and associated physiological changes: a comparative analysis of DSS and antibiotic treatmentMukhopadhyay, Sohini; Aich, Palok
2023-07Understanding the molecular basis of adipose browning induced by ginsenoside RG3Meena, Shivani; Aich, Palok